Facility Management

Hard services

Technical maintenance, preventive and corrective maintenance interventions

Technical maintenance services are of top priority and are conducted by preventive and corrective maintenance activities in order to ensure optimum running of building systems and to prolong the life cycle of your buildings and premises.

In that respect:
Preventive maintenance is a complex plan of maintenance actions aiming to prevent failures and defects of equipment, designed to provide and maintain proper function by replacing the used components before their malfunctions. Periodic checks, partial/total maintenance interventions performed at specific time intervals are needed, together with oil changes, greasing etc. The overall benefits are:

  • Increased safe running;
  • Lower replacing costs;
  • Reduced dead times;
  • Optmised management of spare parts inventory;
  • Increased comfort for tenants.

Predictive maintenance contributes to determining of running equipments condition in order to precisely predict the maintenance actions.This approach leads to important cost reductions compared to routine maintenance because is done during the functioning of equipments, minimizing the shut-downs of normal operating systems;
Corrective maintenance is an intervention done to operatively fix a malfunction of a running equipment. The main activities are repair, function restart and spare parts replacement.

Mobile intervention team

3 Steps Support (3SS) provides mobile intervention team which conduct maintenance such as:

  • Emergency intervention for malfunctions of vital equipments and other emergency issues (electricity shutdowns, tap water, thermal and sanitary installations leakages etc) in the shortest possible time 24/7;
  • Technical support for teams operating in place, for different unpredicted problems.

Energy management

We provide a wide area of services which includes but not only:

Energy efficiency services

Analysis and administration of buildings energy consumption (thermal and electricity) by optimized control of energy and improved energy quality by replacing the energy-consuming equipments with lower consumption rates.
Among few actions that can be taken we can mention:

  • Led lighting systems instead of fluorescent lighting;
  • Local and centralized automation systems;
  • Using presence sensors;
  • Local illumination systems;
  • Implementation of automatic reporting of consumption for water, gas, and electricity;

Analyzing the building and its characteristics, our specialists can provide plans and programs that can achieve reduction of energy consumption up to 30%.

Soft services


Through our personnel and our contractors we can offer you a wide variety of cleaning services

Since cleaning is of great importance for any surface or space, professional cleaning is a systematic activity, based on procedures, performed by trained personnel at high quality standards.
We provide personalized cleaning services for all type of spaces which includes all activities and operations for cleaning, hygiene and waste management at a high level of performance, strictly controlled.

Periodic / General cleaning

For office buildings, commercial centers, malls, shops, exhibitions and fairs, the type of services, timing and the standard level of agreement is detailed together with the client and can include but not only:

  • vacuuming and washing of floors;
  • Vacuuming and sweeping of carpets and floors;
  • Washing of surfaces;
  • Tapestry vacuuming;
  • Dusting of equipments, walls and furniture;
  • Removing the waste bags;
  • Disinfecting the toilets, tiles, dispensers etc;

Cleaning after constructor

Industrial Cleaning

  • closed spaces cleaning- tanks etc.;
  • degreasing paints, and other difficult substances;
  • debris removal;
  • industrial equipment cleaning;
  • production lines and technical spaces cleaning;
  • warehouse cleaning ;
  • cleaning of access roads and outer spaces;

Exterior space cleaning

parks, parking lots, side-walks

  • debris removal;
  • manual and mechanical sweeping;
  • washing;